How to Market Products Online Like a Pro: 10 Effective and Proven Ways to Promote Your Products

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How to drive traffic to your website? How to market products online? Follow these 10 effective and proven ways and promote your products online like a pro!

You’ve launched your first online store and you’ve already added the products you are going to sell online? That’s great! The next step is to promote your products and attract visitors to your website.

Whether you are trying to get your first buyer or you have been selling for a while, it is always recommendable to discover more ways to market your online business. If you are interested in promoting your products online, you have come to the right place as we are going to present you 10 effective and proven ways to use:

  • Email Marketing – This is a very effective method to drive traffic and attract more visitors to your website. The reason why this method is used by so many people is because getting organic traffic and ranking in Google and other search engines can take a while, but email marketing strategy starts to work at the moment you will send the emails.
  • Start an Affiliate Program – If you are having troubles with obtaining online sales and you are on a limited budget so you can’t hire sales or marketing experts, you can always consider adding an affiliate program to your ecommerce software. By doing so, you can motivate other people to promote the products you are selling for a certain commission. The good thing is that you will have to pay them only if they make a successful sale.
  • Present Your Online Business in the Press – Another great method to help more people discover your products and reach new potential customers is to present your business in the press. Our advice is to target bloggers as they are influential and can help you get more visitors to your store. Instead of sending them press releases, you can send them a personal email and ask them politely if you can send them a sample of your products. You can target popular bloggers in your business industry or famous social media influencers.
  • Pinterest – Believe it or not, Pinterest is the best social media platform to be if you want to sell or purchase products online. More than 90% of active Pinterest users say that they use this platform to plan purchases and to build wish lists. Pinterest is a great place to market products online – especially well-designed products. Besides adding high-quality photos of your products, you can also run contests to extend the reach and attract as many new customers as possible.
  • Referral Marketing – Also known as word of mouth marketing technique, referral marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It is about getting people to talk about your business and the products you sell in a way that will drive popularity, awareness, and sales.
  • Vine – Even though this platform is not as popular as it used to be, you can still use it to market products online and to promote your online store. Vine allows mobile users to create and view videos. There are great options for businesses to promote their online stores here.
  • Organize a Contest – This is a simple and affordable way to get your products in front of your potential clientele. Before you organize a content ensure the platform, the messaging, the timing, and the things people have to do to enter the contest are well planned

The products don’t sell themselves, however, there are so many ways to market the products from your online store! Use the methods we listed above and promote your business successfully!